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Who We Are

Our Mission: To unite people and organizations with passion, expertise and resources to create more opportunities for a better life.
Our Vision: An educated, prosperous and safe Acadiana where all individuals and families achieve their potential.
Our Core Values: What we hold important - 
  • Results Oriented: We have a strong commitment to high level, sustainable impact. We listen and respond to the needs of our communities with flexibility and nimbleness. Our decisions and actions conform not only to planned outcomes, but also to applicable legal and fiscal requirements. We publicly account for our performance and results.

  • Servant Leadership: We use our influence to advance the common good and to inspire others to join theUnited Way movement. We provide support and advocacy to address underlying conditions. We are focused, bold and courageous.

  • Turned Outward: We use communities as the first frame of reference and we infuse this perspective into all that we do. Community aspirations guide our priorities and our actions. We are committed to a United Way that is relevant to its people, its community, and the times.

  • Collaborative: We believe in the power of a shared vision and mutual support/accountabilities. We work with the assumption that individuals and groups are willing and able to make positive contributions to solving complex community problems.

  • Inclusive and Diverse: We respect and embrace the engagement of people of all levels. We develop an environment that holds opportunities for all.

  • Learning and Innovation: We use creativity to generate new insights, opportunities and solutions. We demonstrate continuous learning and adaptability.  We anticipate and respond to changing conditions. We leverage ambiguity and uncertainty.

  • Trust: We demonstrate caring, and we communicate with transparency and respect. We honor commitments and take responsibility for our promises and our actions.  Resources that communities contribute to United Way are wisely invested and managed.

United Way of Acadiana serves Acadia, Lafayette, St. Martin and Vermilion parishes.  For a complete list of programs and services offered by United Way of Acadiana partners, please click here.