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A new school year means new opportunities.
New lessons to learn.
New friends to make.
And, for some students, new challenges to overcome.
Children learn to read in the early-grade years so they can read to learn throughout the rest of their lives. But when a child cannot read at grade level by the fourth grade, their quest for learning could be set back permanently.
The good news is that you can help by volunteering to be a United Way Reader in Lafayette, Acadia or St. Martin Parish. These volunteers provide much-needed reading practice time in conjunction with classroom teachers for one hour per week for a 10-week time period. 
And United Way Readers ARE making a difference. Studies from the Picard Center for Child Development and Lifelong Learning at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette show our program provides strong outcomes on assessments among first and second graders. All it takes is one hour a week for 10 weeks to help students improve their reading skills. Give students the extra reading practice they need by becoming a United Way Reader today.
Click here to sign up to volunteer!  Please note that if you have been a United Way Reader in the past, you do not have to attend a training, but if you would like a refresher class, please join us!
If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact Brittani O'Hara, our Special Projects Manager, at (337) 706-1226 or at