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Loads for Louisiana

United Way of Acadiana and Lafayette-based laundry app hampr have partnered to fill the laundry service needs of those displaced by Hurricane Laura in Lafayette.

hampr is donating 50 two-hampr relief memberships with 2 free loads per membership through this partnership.


Here are the three ways you can help:
  • Apply to receive a laundry membership or laundry services donations. CALL 337-233-8302 to apply.
  • Personally gift a hampr membership to an evacuee in need. CLICK HERE to gift.

“Partnering with hampr aligns with United Way’s mantra to LIVE UNITED and to forge partnerships to provide basic needs in times of disasters,” said Carlee Alm-LaBar, President and CEO of United Way of Acadiana. “Hopefully we can help provide a sense of relief through the basic comfort of clean clothes in the midst of this hard time for our neighbors affected by Hurricane Laura.” 

“Our mission has always been to help people, and we want to help lighten the load for our affected neighbors as they recover,” said Laurel Hess, hampr founder and CEO. “While we are just a small start-up with limited inventory, we are Louisiana residents first and we want to ensure that anyone affected has access to laundry care.”