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Our PACT for Education...
In a single year, more than are 62,000 people engaged as part of the United Way of Acadiana movement for Education.  Those connections include directly serving 59,707 children with valuable programming, books, school supplies, mentors and readers.
The movement has activated 2,604 citizens who care about ensuring children have what they need to be successful.  They give resources, donate time, learn more as parents and/or advocate on key developments impacting education in Acadiana.
United Way of Acadiana has engaged with the community to facilitate youth graduating from high school on time.  This engagement is evident in the diverse ways that UWA strategically mobilizes resources and volunteers.  Embracing a collective impact approach, UWA has fostered multiple collaborations around a common vision for Education.
Please visit our Education tabs to learn more about our programs and initiatives, and if you are interested in volunteering, please contact Blair Green at 337.233.8302 x 2226 or