Bucket Brigade Creative Projects 2018

Blake Lagneaux, one of UWA's 2018 Bucket Brigade Ambassadors, has designed a beautiful, limited edition UNITED PRINT. There were only 50 printed and at a modest $20 donation, they are moving quickly. Click on the print below to purchase yours and help fill Blake's bucket by February 23!

Looking for the perfect Valentine's Day gift or a "happy" for someone who has everything? Brady McKellar, another UWA 2018 Bucket Brigade Ambassador, is doing custom PUPPETGRAM videos to fill his bucket!  For a minimum $25 donation, here's how it works:
1.  Decide which puppet you'd like to star in your Puppetgram from the cast of characters below.
2.  When you click here to order your Puppetgram, you will have the opportunity to let Brady know which puppet you want, what you want that puppet to say/sing for 30 seconds, and how you'd like to receive your video.  You may have a link to share it yourself OR Brady can send it anonymously to whatever email address you'd like.  You may also specify a delivery date from February 14 through February 23.  Please keep in mind that since Puppetgram links are private, you can purchase a Puppetgram and save it for your special person's day later in the year.
   VARXPHLAUSH crash landed on Earth and finds manicured hedges curious.
   LARRY THE FABULOUS WIZARD.  He is fab-u-lous.
   BETTY enjoys reading, Entemann's crumb cake and is looking for her soulmate.
   TERRY T-REX, a pipefitter hailing from Brooklyn, NY, has recently completed court mandated community service hours.
   BILL is from Westchester County, reads Faulkner and enjoys listening to Django Reinhardt records.
   EDDIE loves old sneakers, Paul Simon, recycling newspapers, and Project Front Yard.
   PAPA VIEUX hails from New Orleans' French Quarter and is a master of the dark arts.
   MONTY MONSTER is a newscaster, exfoliates regularly and is a talented dancer at the club.
   HONEY loves flowers, My Little Pony, and anything small.