Born Learning

Every day is a learning experience for children. Children are born learning, and grow and develop through experiences that they have each and every day.

To encourage early learning, the best thing parents and caregivers can do is engage children in play. Play is an important way for children to learn about their world. You can turn everyday activities at home such as laundry, meals and bedtime into learning experiences. Play a matching game with clean socks as you put away laundry. Count the number of green beans left on the plate with your child. Ask your child to identify characters in picture books as you read a bedtime story. Traveling in the car, riding on the bus or even walking through your neighborhood can be educational. Being out and about in the grocery store, library, and playground also exposes children to many learning opportunities.

The Born Learning campaign is designed specifically to help young children prepare for school. It provides parents and other caregivers tips, advice and activities to create quality early learning opportunities for young children. To print out those tips and activities, click here.

Born Learning Trails are just one of those activities. They offer outdoor learning games that build pre-literacy skills critical to school readiness, making the most of your child’s playtime. Children can play while learning basic skills. You can find Born Learning Trails at Thomas Park in Lafayette Parish, Dorsey/Donlon Park in Lafayette Parish, Beaullieu Park in Lafayette Parish, Heymann Park in Lafayette Parish, Park Williams in St. Martin Parish, Hensgens Park in Acadia, Brown Park in Lafayette Parish, the UL Daycare Center in Lafayette Parish and Gertie Huntsberry Park in Vermilion Parish.

The Born Learning campaign is sponsored by United Way, the Ad Council and Civitas. For more information about Born Learning, click here.



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